Activity Ideas

Looking for something fun to do this week? Please note that we are 100% to creating a fun, friendly, and safe environment for all of users and extended family. Please reference our code of conduct for more info.

Here are some ideas for activities you can try through our site!

Offline (In-Person) Gig Ideas

  • Meet up for a coffee or drink
  • Practice language exchange together
  • Go for a walk in the park, or the zoo
  • Go cycling, go for a workout
  • Play badminton or basketball
  • Take a dancing lesson
  • Go to a cooking or painting class
  • Go kayaking or standup paddle boarding
  • Go explore new places together, such as a museum or national park
  • Try out a new restaurant or cafe
  • Go for ice cream or boba tea
  • Have lunch and discuss work or family matters
  • Visit a concert or jazz club
  • Take photos together at scenic locations
  • Go meet with friends
  • Visit a weekend or night market
  • Join a chess club
  • Hit a nature reserve or go hiking
  • Draw a portrait or painting
  • Tell a person’s fortune

100% Online Gigs

  • Virtual movie nights — watch the same movie together via zoom
  • Any specific hobbies you have
  • 30 or 60-min video chat about life
  • Chat about specific topics — for example, your favorite sport or a specific type of manga
  • Group discussions about specific topics
  • Take an online fitness or dance class
  • Online chess match / card games
  • Play games together
  • Languages practice
  • Online comedy night
  • Music night — play for customer or offer lessons
  • Online cooking lesson
  • Meditate together