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Public Speaking Coaching Session

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Public speaking is a skill that can greatly improve your professional and personal life. People who have mastered this skill are able to sell more, lead teams more effectively, and leave a lasting emotional memory for friends and family at weddings and other gatherings. Learning how to craft and deliver spoken messages to a live audience can be a superpower.

As a stand-up comedian, I've delivered speeches on hundreds of stages in 8 countries. I've made audiences cry in laughter, and, perhaps more importantly, I've faced some unbearably cringy rejection- It pains me to bring back some of these memories of bombing on stage. 

I've also delivered online marketing presentations which have sold tens of thousands of dollars in minutes. 

If you struggle with stage fright, or otherwise get so nervous or uncomfortable that you can't connect with people or let your true personality shine...

If you struggle with coming up with good ideas for speeches or presentations...

If the ideas and stories seem fantastic in your head, but once you verbalize them to others, they fall flat...

Or otherwise, if you just want to polish your presentation, storytelling, and public speaking skills, then sign up for an affordable, 1-on-1 session with me. 

We'll chat about your past experiences, strengths, weakness and desires. And uncover what is holding you back from getting where you want to go - whether that's ideation, formatting, preparation or presentation. 

I'll share with you the secrets about public speaking that I've learned through hundreds of performances and help you build the superpower of live communication.

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